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Business down for over 2 weeks

On the 16th July 2017 I phoned Telstra to book our move - home & business.  It was all booked for adsl, foxtel, new phone lines etc along with a mobile antenna.

On the 27th July I went into the fountain gate store (level 2) to upgrade a mobile phone and ipad.  On doing this I was convinced that I should cancel "my move" i had booked over the phone and re book with their staff as I would then have a personal contact and I was guaranteed that the service would be better.


So on the 27th July I booked


A new line for adsl2 at our new premises

5 Foxtel points (moving 4 from old premises and adding a new - so also needed a new box)

Installation of our current (taken from old house to new by us) mobile data antenna


It was scheduled to occur on the 16th August 2017.


It is now the 29th August - nearly 2 weeks later and our business has had no wi-fi - Foxtel boxes missing and no mobile antenna.


I have rung and rung - complained and complained.  I have found out our line is connected but is "provisioning" - I have been advised the email address is not being accepted by Telstra server (this is a new email address & password they setup) - I Have had the issues esculated - I was issued a completion date - commitment date etc and all have gone past and nothing is working.


I have logged a complaint - no one has updated me.  I have had some many representatives try to fix this and everyone says it is fixed you just need to wait 24 hours.


I have been back into the shop and they can't do anything - I think they are over it as much as I am and believe I would be better off changing to another supplier.

The problem is Telstra have me over a barrell as the area we are in, we need to have Telstra.  I have had new representatives advise me there is a "mistake" or "error" at their back end but no-one can fix it.


In regards to foxtel -  The technician turned up - Installed 5 points - connected 4 boxes and left and has marked the job closed with a note saying 5 boxes were installed - There is one missing and he didn't supply it.


In regards to the mobile antenna - This was never booked and on the day I phoned wondering where the installation guy was and it was never booked - So i've booked it but now have to wait till the 22nd September.


We are in a remote area - running a business - One dot of 3g service - No adsl2

I have lodged formal complaints and still nothing.


It is absolutely disgraceful Telstra and every person from technical representatives - to supervisors - to the complaints department all say they are fixing it but no one has or seems to be able to





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Business down for over 2 weeks

I hope that you have also lodged a complaint at the store. They should have never told you to cancel the original order and book through them. That is most likely where the problem has originated and the only reason for them to tell you to do that was so that they can claim it on their stats as a job done by them.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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