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Cannot upgrade my Telstra NBN Cable Plan

Have spoken to numerous people on Telstra accounts for many hours over the past few weeks to upgrade my plan from 50/20 to higher speed either 100/40 or even 250/25. Some say I can go to 250/25 on HFC in my area. Yet I never get an email confirming the plan upgrade let alone see a speed increase. I want to pay extra for this but Telstra does not seem interested in doing ?





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Re: Cannot upgrade my Telstra NBN Cable Plan

Go to Telstra Internet Plans 


Go down to Step 1 and type in your address..  you should see which NBN services available at your address, which would include Superfast or Ultrafast options if they are available.


You can't get something that NBN isn't providing at your address. To get the upper speed tiers, you will also need to upgrade to Premium I think..  that was the case when I moved up to Superfast on my HFC service..

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