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Faulty lines

Hi for 5 weeks now I have been trying to get my internet speed up at the moment it is very slow I pay for standard .only in ADSL as cannot get NBN I have had 3 technicians and 2 modems . Telstra suggested . They sold me a faulty modem sent me another one sent 3 technicians to fix faulty lines the next day everything just as bad now it seems they have washed their hands of everything just won't do anything below is my speed that is good not what I am paying for can anyone help 

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Re: Faulty lines

Which Telstra modems did you get sent out to you?


If they are Smart Modem 2 types, then you could try forcing the modem into 4G Backup mode by disconnecting the DSL cable from the modem and waiting for a few minutes until you get a steady blue indicator on the front..  if that happens, see what speeds you get in that mode..


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Faulty lines

2.68 Mbps and 0.6 Mbps up might be all your line is capable off if over 4.Kms from the exchange. Could you post your line stats which are located at Advanced > Broadband on the Technicolor modem. They will look similar to the image below.


DSL Link 37 Mbps

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