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I have Business phone line but no broadband in Canning Vale, WA

Hi I am hoping someone can help me.


I applied for Biz Essentials Package on 14/5/12 for the 250GB and phone with free local calls and national calls and to Telstra mobiles.


I was told that my application can go through and it did.  I then rang back after a week and I was told that I can't get broadband until they have given me a landline which they claim I didn't have (I was with Vividwireless using a VOIP phone).  I told Telstra that it clearly states in my application that I am ordering a phone line as well.


When all that got sorted out, I was told that I will have a phoneline by 24/5/12 and the broadband will follow soon after.  24/5/12 came and went and I was even given my landline number but I had no connection.  I rang through and someone with a foreign accent told me that it will be done by close of business of 25/5/12 which was a Friday.  I rang Vividwireless and told them that I will be cancelling their services.  Lo and behold, I still had no phone line and knew nothing would be done over the weekend.


On 27/5/12 which was a Monday, I rang through and they tested my phone line and said it was ringing.  I said I knew that as well as I had tried ringing that number on 24/5/12 using my mobile but the phone in my home office did not ring.  I was told that my phone may have an issue.  I said how can it have an issue when it works fine with the VOIP.  Anyway on 28/5/12 a technician came and rectified a small error in my exchange and hooray I had phone connection.  He told me based on his experience, Telstra Broadband normally installs Internet access with 24-48 hours.  Nothing happened so on 29/5/12, I rang back and was told that my order had been cancelled on the 27/5/12 as there were no ports available.


I checked the Wholesale website for Telstra and it clearly stated that as of the 25/5/12, there were 3 ports available in my exchange in Canning Vale.  I rang back and the lady said there was nothing she can do and told me to opt for either wireless or dial-up or even satellite.  I told her I live 15 mins from Perth City and not in woop-woop land.  She said there is nothing she can do.


So I rang up complaints to explain my predicament.  All they did was give me credit on my monthly line rental and said SORRY.  I now have no Internet and no other ISP can provide me with broadband.  One of them said that they will get Telstra to do a transposition by adding a copper wire as I'm on a PGS/RIM network.  My neighbours next door have got ADSL2+ and ADSL respectively but I am left carrying the baby.


It's been 3 weeks and I did receive a call from a Senior Complaints Officer and she was nice and polite and apologise but so far no further updates.  I keep ringing every 2 days and I get thumbed off to another department.  Tried calling 132000 but I keep hearing background voices but no one speaks.  My small home business is suffering and I cannot keep using the 3G on my mobile to surf the net and do proposals.


Please help me...I know that service for retail broadband is slow but I am a business account holder for God's sake.  I am over the fact that it is taking me an eternity to get broadband in my street.  Please RESPOND ASAP...and please have someone senior talk to me as most of the junior staff don't know what's happening (I seem to know more about my exchange and network than them).


Man Mad

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Re: I have Business phone line but no broadband in Canning Vale, WA

Happy to provide more details in private message if there is anyone who can shed some light.

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