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NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record



Firstly, I am already at the end of my tether, so apologies on the tone. I am ready to burn Telstra to the ground and close my account for every service. I am a network engineer with almost 20 years under my belt and have never been so angry.


I have recently upgraded from an ADSL2+ (with static IP) to NBN (with a static IP) on Telstra Bigpond. Unbeknownst to me, Telstra apparently don't offer a reverse DNS option with residential BigPond. It's 2017, FFS, update this rubbish first. Alot of us are trying to run a small business and have a mail server. Listen to your market. Every other ISP does this as _part_ of the static IP assignment.


OK, so I've now called up and migrated the Bigpond NBN to a Telstra Business NBN package so I can modify this record.


But no-one, and I mean no-one that I've spoken to (11 people and 6 hours on the phone and counting) has any idea about how this can be changed.


I am sick of your rubbish hold music and want answers for my expensive, useless internet connection.


Does anyone know, categorically, how to update this $&@&$*ing record?






Ready to switch to iiNet/Internode/TPG/Whoever else.

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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

You should be able to update the information in 'CustData' if you have a compatible service.

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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

Thanks for the prompt response, however, I've been told that CustData is only for ADSL business internet, not NBN.


I'm am baffled that nobody in Telstra (a bloody internet company) knows anything about Reverse DNS.


I'm now trying another phone number for NBN Business - apparently there is no direct line, you have to go through the $*#!ing 132000 rubbish again.


What a *$(*#ing joke.

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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

In theory there should be no difference between TBB ADSL or NBN

In practice, it's a dumpster fire.

CusData worked for decades for both rev dns and routing.

Rev DNS has been AWOL for a year or two, even logging a fault gets nowhere.

Routing on NBN is now a failed manual process ... sometimes a generous L3 TID

engineer will help, but most often we're tapped in L1/L2 purgatory.

The only reason I can still use the service in my PI space insulates me from most

issues, though not all.

I've various faults and complaints outstanding, but don't expect results until an

on-shore L3 TID engineer gets the fault.


p.s. I looks like theCustData Manage DNS / Reverse DNS might work for 

the v4 gateway address.


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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

Any joy at all ? 


My issue is that no PTR record exists at all for my static ip, Telstra have messed it up when recycling the IP from a previous customer.


I too am gobsmacked that after many long calls to NBN & Telstra there is simply no path for a retail customer get get a missing PTR record rectified.





Telstra folks, there must be somewhere where we can call and even talk to someone who vaguely understands what this issue is




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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

Baffling is an understatement ! Any progress ?



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Re: NBN, Static IP & Reverse DNS PTR Record

An update on this.


I have been in contact with about 10 people at Telstra.


What. A. Joke.


No-one knows what a reverse DNS is and again tried to tell me that they'd send out a technician to "Fix" my end.


I'm currently lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman as this is absolutely disgraceful support for a "premium" product.


If anyone from Telstra actually reads this - please put me in touch with someone who knows about REAL technical support.


I am closing my account down and moving everything. Ridiculous.

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