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Hi everyone 

Have just moved into new home 10 days ago with no phone or internet available. I’m told the builder did not advise NBN for a connection. Telstra tell me no NBN available at my house. We run our business from home & cant get any help from Telstra with installing ADSL which we are happy to accept. Just can’t understand why I’m not even offered a solution as all the neighbours havle NBN. Anyone else been in this situation with a flat out no for NBN and just no other alternatives offered! No way do they care if I have any sort of connection. 

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Level 25: The Singularity


First step would be to call your builder and ask why they have not lodged the paperwork (I'd also be checking with the council to make sure the occupancy certificate has been issued, as most have the availability of communications connections in the conditions of issue), it should have been done at commencement of building.


If you are in an NBN enabled area, then ADSL does not exist as an option. Once the NBN rollout starts in an area Telstra cannot connect new premises to it, and since NBN is available, NBNCo will now own that part of the network as well.


Hopefully, at the very least, your builder ran the conduit from the house to the street (otherwise you will need to get that done as that's your responsibility to organise) and that there is enough NBN Co infrastructure (ie connection points) in the street, so that once the paperwork is lodged a connection can be made. Otherwise you could be waiting a very long time to get a landline connection.


Your only other option at the moment for internet (until the paperwork situation is sorted) is mobile broadband. If you were trying to move your home (or business) phone as well, you may be able to organise getting it redirected to your mobile in the interim.


Telstra is a private company just like all the other RSPs and as far as NBN connections go, their hands are tied by what NBN Co (a Government corporation) allows. If NBN Co says that there is no connection available at your address (because it doesn't exist as far as they're concerned if your builder didn't lodge the paperwork in your case), then there is nothing that Telstra or any other RSP can do about connecting you to the NBN.

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