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Netgear V7610 Nightmare

Dear Telstra,

I run a small business with a DOT system. Our old modem, was dropping out all the time so your help line sent me a new one, a Netgear V7610. He said it was a case of unplugging the old one and putting in the cables and start it up, its "quick and easy" he said???

It has taken me 5 hours with a Telstra technician. It wouldn't connect to start with, then it kept losing its username and password in the login, had to reboot it to factory setting, not once, but 5 times. Then when it does start to work, the internet just drops out and you can't log on to the modem because the IP address doesn't talk to the modem, so you have to do a factory reset, AGAIN. 

I went looking for fixes on the internet and found out that the firmware is glitchy. What a piece of junk. 

At the end of this progress, the technician on the other end of the phone states, I can't do anymore, I have to escalate this to level 3. Well, hello.....

Telstra, small business can't afford downtime and to try and peddle crap equipment with dodgy firmware is criminal. 

I'm a tech-smart guy, I really feel sorry for a person who thought this equipment was just "plug and play" in one hour as stated in your documentation. 

Have a look at the comments in Crowd Support and on the internet in general about this hardware and firmware. 



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Re: Netgear V7610 Nightmare

Hi - it's a shame that Telstra and Netgear have appeared to drop the ball with the V7610 support by not having  robust firmware which you would expect from a Business Router. It has good credentials but appears to be seriously let down by unstable firmware through out its life since its release in Feb 2016 as you have alluded to.


One can expect interruptions in early stages of your installation process as the modem undertakes its automated firmware updates. I have two of these for testing purposes. I had one do 5 updates in a row then stop three levels behind what I understand to be the current version, however I also acquired a new unused V7610 modem which also did an auto update to current level which knocked out the WiFi Networks.


The other annoying thing is that Netgear allow you to download the Telstra firmware from their web site, but Telstra has prevented modem from loading it - if  that function was enabled, customers could at least try to re-load fresh firmware to replace the corrupted version. 


Last week, I went into a Bookshop and saw the owner had a V7610, so struck up a conversation about his experiences -  he had the same issue as I did, saying it was highly unreliable and he ended up buying a UniFi Access Point which costs more than the modem, to get Wi-i restored in store.


It's a shame that the multi telephone line DOT VoIP services don't work on the Telstra Smart Modems Gen 2 residential  modems - they appear to have more reliable hardware and software and could be enhanced with additional VPN and other features. I acquired the new V7610 from a man who lives in an apartment on FTTN- he had received 2 of them from Telstra for fix the original faulty V7610 and had one spare. I was surprised that Telstra is sending out the V7610 to residential customers - maybe due to shortage of Gen 2 modems at the time. 

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