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Nighthawk m1 router power issues.

Thought I'd share my experiences with the M1 nighthawk. The power management in the router allows for the battery to be charged and discharged. If however you leave the device plugged in overnight it will often fully discharge and shut down ie it does not recharge. So you end up with a dead battery and a powered down router. 


The "fix" is to replace the included power pack with something more powerful. I use my pixel xl charger. Others have said the iPad charger also works.


But out of the box this device is not stable if you plan to use it for extended periods. I think the power management is to blame but it could just be the charger isn't powerful enough.



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Re: Nighthawk m1 router power issues.

I have the same issues with the power supply not charging.  I have been asking Telstra can I get a bigger power supply for the Nighthawk M1 but so far no answer.  I have also tried Netgear but they tell me to contact Telstra.  Also I suspect the wireless coverage diminishes as the battery power drops.  No answers to that one either.

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