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Ping increased recentely from 18ms to 30ms after 250mbps speed ugprade on business plan

Since the beginning of August, the Ping i have been receiving has increased from around 18ms to 30ms from the Telstra Sunshine Coast and Brisbane servers. I live in Townsville, is there any reason as to why this has happened?

I don't think its cause of COVID-19 as that started traffic started back around April which had no affect to be honest. I'm also on a business connection on the 250mbps plan.

At first i thought it was the speed upgrade to 250mbps, that caused the increased in ping, however i found out that there were a couple days where we had that speed upgrade and it was still getting around 18ms ping on those specific servers. 

I did also connect the AX11000 Router which works well, but that isn't the issue either, as both the Telstra gateway router and the new router get the same ping now, even if it has a direct connection to the NBN Box/Modem.

The ping difference may not seem much (roughply 10-12ms) however for competitive gaming it is easily and really noticeable, id appreciate any help i can get. I'm 95% sure its also a problem with the ISP and nothing to do with the home network as ive diagnosed almost every part that could cause this problem

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