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Port 7547 open?

Hi Telstra Crowd Support,


My client has a Netgear Genie router installed on the site, I am not aware of any other third-party/ISP devices installed except for this one.


Now, I am getting a PCI-DSS vulnerability on my clients public IP from Telstra, which directs to port 7547.


when i go to: http:// xx.xx.xx.xx:7547 (where xx.xx.xx.xx is my client's IP from Telstra)


I get the following dialog login box.




Notice it says "Westell Secure". A device I am not aware of.

admin/admin doesnt work for login.


Googled 7547 and it was a CWMP - aservice used by ISPs to remote manage devices.


Anyone knows how can I disable this port? As this keeps on showing up on PCI vulnerability.


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