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Static IP not routed within the Telstra network

I have an Static IP assigned to my BigPond service (Liberty ADSL), but this IP address is not being routed by Telstra.


I have verified that the ADSL service is fully functional, with the specified address assigned. We can surf the web and send email.


I have verified that all MX records are pointing to the correct IP address, and that the domain names  resolve to the IP address.


The problem is that it is not possible to route traffic to the IP address. A traceroute or ping fails with the host unreachable. Furthermore, the traceroute shows the packets bouncing around among various Telstra servers before failing. Clearly, the Internet knows the address is on the Telstra network, but there is a problem on the Telstra network.


Having reported this problem repeatedly to Telstra technical support, they seem unable to understand this problem, insisting that the service is up and the address assigned. When I talk about an "IP routing problem in the Telstra network", they react as if I'm talking another language. Furthermore, they refuse to escalate this despite my requests.


Anyone know how to make Telstra listen?

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