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Telstra Business Broadband services

I thought I was escaping from the dreadful services of BigPond to the intelligence of Telstra Business ADSL Broadband. The early days are proving disturbing. I have a new TBB service order in place. My Telstra Business Landline has no issues.
1. A line test has confirmed no issues.
2. There is paired copper wire to the exchange
3. We understand that there is an issue with port availability
4. We understand that the solution via a Reach Extender is available.
5. The current distance to the exchange is 4.7km and that the Reach Extended offers up to 15km coverage and is in use elsewhere in this region.
6. I have received my new modem
7. The order is on hold pending technical resolution.
8. For over a week now, I have spoken to SEVEN TBB individuals and erroneously thanks to Telstra IVRs to 25 different irrelevant script following 'helpers' who do not know what anything is about!
What will it take for Telstra Business - Account Management or Technical Support to DO SOMETHING?

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Re: Telstra Business Broadband services

Call 1800 066 594 for TBB Technical Support for clarification to your problem. If they're unable to help the testers will be able too so let them raise a fault for you.

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Re: Telstra Business Broadband services

First question - Do you have an Account Exec? If so, email them, and don't stop until its fixed. I know my AE at work provides his managers details, so when I really need to I can email up the chain at the same time. Very good at getting results!


It appears that there is an issue with supplying a service on your line, and you don't currently have a service. If your getting ADSL and you don't meet the specs, one would assume that you cannot have the service. As for the "Reach Extenders" I didn't think they were rolling them out anymore.


If its a port issue, I would assume that your trying to get off the RIM and onto the Exchange, or the Exchange is full (which may be the case).






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