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Telstra Business Modem phone light blinks orange with not phone service

This is not a question but a solution for the record. 10 calls the Telstra Business support could not solve this issue but the solution is here --

[Problem] Phone service was not working and the phone connection indicator on the modem was blinking orange. No phone service, just an engaged signal.

[Solution] Use web browser to configure modem ( and login to admin. Click Advanced settings, select Setup tab and then Voice-call-setup. Choose Manual (but don't press Apply) and see if there are any settings. If the setting are missing, don't enter anything, select Auto-Configure again and then select the Basic tab again. Wait for a few minutes to check if the Voice LED has turned blue. 

[Check] Return to Voice-call-setup and select Manual again. If you still don't have any settings it is likely you need to return to factory default setting using the reset button.

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