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Telstra IP Ranges

As far as I know small business cannot get a static IP on 4G Mobile broadband... so I'm wondering if there is list of the IP ranges available in the DHCP pool for this service?  (and if there is is it region based or a pool for the whole country (ie is there a Sydney pool?).


The Why?


Maybe a strange question, but I have a server sitting out there on the internet that I connect to from my various Telstra connections.  Normal public access is just find back the back end is locked down and rejects all connection attempts except those from known IP addresses.  At the office this is fine since it's a fixed IP, on the road it's a different story all together.


This leaves me with two options.  VPN into the office then connect back to the server, possible but the fixed connection is significantly slower than the mobile connection (which is just a sad reality of DSL when it comes to location vs distance to the exchange).


The other option would be that if I had a list of known Telstra ranges I could add them to the allowed list, although it would be ideal if it could be narrowed down as small as possible.  While this leaves a wider door open it's at least only limited to Austrlaian Telstra customers rather than IP's from China and South Africa which seem to account for lots of the issues at the moment.



So does such a list exist?  Or do I have to slowly note down the different IP's I'm assigned then add them in one by one?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra IP Ranges



Unfortunately we don't have access to such a list you speak of. I was going to suggest VPN but as you've mentioned you've already thought of this.


-Matt W

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