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Velocity Connection

Hi, anyone else out there getting fobbed of by Telstra about getting a Velocity connection turned on?

placed order 09 July - told there was a "systems error" and order would not process.
07 Aug - was sent my "smart" modem - i thought my problems would be over...

But alas, NO. Now being told there is a "systems error" with progressing my order (sounds kind of familiar) - all they need to do is switch on the service. 

I know the modem configuration etc is correct (even got my tech support guy to go through it with Platinum Telstra support) - it is just not being switched on - as far as i know previous house owner had internet and the NTD box is all okay etc.

I have no idea if this is a one off problem or an area problem or if it stretches over all so called "Telstra Smart Communities". No one at Telstra will answer any of my questions - just told "we're working on it" - but, by the total lack of any answers, it seems to be stuck in the "too hard pile" 

I need the net for my home run my small business - Ombudsman has been contacted and they are so busy sorting other Telstra messes (7 weeks they said!) - working off the SIM card in the smart modem just does not allow me to effectively run my business and stopping me being able to employ a much needed new staff member - the net is creaking with just 2 of us on it. (I also have remote people who need to dial in and upload cloud docs etc).

I am at my wits end just trying to get some answers so I can forward plan for my business! MP, press and TV the next regrettable solutions i suppose...

anyone else out there in same boat please do let me know - many voices together are better than a few lone screamers.....

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Velocity Connection

Hi @FrustratedNick


I am sorry that you've had some trouble with the activation of your service. I am confident that we are doing everything we can to get you connected but I am happy to follow up with our team that is managing this for you.

Do you have the complaint reference number?



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