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Very slow 4G data speed 3G data speed 3 times faster

Generally in Sydney the 4G speeds are excellent, I have measured the speeds in various places and I have measured as fast as 299Mbps around Balgowlah. and Allambie heights, Most of Brookvale gets over NBN speeds.


One of my employees however lives in queenscliff specifically Aitken Avenue and the 4G speed is atrocious, even walking outside on the street where you get 3 bars the speed is still unusable bumping maybe 2Mps, I have verfied this on two Iphones, switching the phones to 3G triples the speed and increases the service reliability. 


Its been like this since we switched to Telstra from Virgin (Optus) who have always had comparably horrible speeds with the exception of this one street!!


There is something wrong with the service in this area and I am not sure how to lodge a complaint as the whole reason why we changed to this service was so they could use the mobile data to work from home.


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Re: Very slow 4G data speed 3G data speed 3 times faster

Hi @cagman, I can't see any current disruptions in the area & the coverage looks good. With mobile coverage, your experience can vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination. You can check coverage online here. If you're on the fringe of a 4G coverage area, you may get a better experience by turning off 4G/LTE. If there are no disruptions when you check via & coverage has lessened or it says no service, it's best to report the issue via Hope above helps & if there's anything else you need assistance with, please let us know.


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