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8773 Internet Sharing - Connection Not Shared


I have a Samsung Omnia W that was on the 8107 update, last week i got a notification through saying there was an

update available. I upgraded my handset - first came the 8112 update, then the 8773 update, then the samsung update.

After doing the upgrade i noticed my custom apn had dissapeared - i use the telstra.corp apn. So i readded it.


I was then working from home the following night and went to enable the wifi tethering so i couldn connect to our

corp network however i got the following error:


Connection not shared

There's no mobile data connection to share at the moment.

Check your mobile settings and signal, and try again.


I tried several restarts and re-adding the apn and same error. So i removed the apn, went to the internet sharing

and turn it on. It works fine - had my settings in there for my wifi. Next step - readded the telstra.corp apn. Then

go the connection not shared issue again.Next step was to restore back to 8107. This worked fine, so

i updated again - stopped at the 8112 update. Tested the internet sharing and it worked fine with the telstra.corp


Went to the 8773 update and stopped it before the Samsung Update came through. Tested again and the internet sharing works fine.


As soon as the Samsung Update is installed, the internet sharing with telstra.corp stops working.


Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way to fix it?


We have approx 20 of the Omnia W's at work. I also upgraded another of our users from my pc - it recognised it as a

guest phone, and now i can't restore this phone to the 8107 update as my pc doesnt recognise it - is there a way around this?

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Re: 8773 Internet Sharing - Connection Not Shared

Thanks to the moderator who moved this...............


However it has nothing to do with it being a Business Mobile. It's an issue with the latest firmware release for Windows Phone. The fact that it is having problems with the telstra.corp is because its a custom apn.


Maybe someone at Telstra could help fix it, apart from the direction i got from a  Telstra rep - to use an interop unlock fix to edit the registry - somehow i dont think that is a supported Telstra/Microsoft solution.


For anyone interested in the fix - i ended up downloading the Samsung Connection Manager from the Samsung Zone - then edited the existing Telstra Internet APN and put in my Telstra.corp details and Internet Sharing now works again.

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Re: 8773 Internet Sharing - Connection Not Shared

I have a similar issue, but with a nokia 920. I also have a business plan. 


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