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Outgoing SMTP relay

Hi all (including anyone from Telstra).

I've been given (after ages on hold between various people) that for a Multi-Function-Device to send scans, all that's needed in the SMTP settings on the device is;

port 25 for outgoing

no SSL\encyption

no authentication


Once that's entered in, the device should be able to send emails to external people.


Previously this office was connected to our WAN, so we had our Exchange server in the settings but this site is now stand alone and won't be connected to our private network for another few months - so, another SMTP relay option is required.


The settings above though, simply do not work. Is there actually anyone in Telstra who understands this sort of stuff? This isn't POP or IMAP... this isn't incoming email, it's just so a Multi-Function-Device can do a scan, and then email it.

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Re: Outgoing SMTP relay

Have you tried:

Outgoing: Server:
Port: 110
Outgoing Mail Server Authentication: Yes (your related login details)'
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Re: Outgoing SMTP relay

Hi Shane


I got the same run-a-round no one at Telstra could help me I spent a whole day from one person to the next no expertise at all and 30 to 40 mins wait between incompetence.


I have been with Optus, iinet and dodo on the telstra network and setting the Smtp address to their outgoing server just worked every time, I have now spent 2 days of lost business and know one at Telstra can assist me, now they want me to call an IT specialist to give me information obout the required server settings that are required by Tekstra to get my printer scanner working.


Did you find an answer as I really need to be able to scan documents for my work?






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Re: Outgoing SMTP relay

Hello Russell,


Just checking please.


Did you find answer from Telstra regarding the outgoing SMTP server relay?


Please share as I have the same issue and I coudn't find anything .




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