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Unwanted call diversion

Our business is receiving quite a few calls from mobile phones around Australia. These callers are returning a missed call from a mobile number 0490 059 900 which is diverting to our main business number. The callers don't recognise the mobile number.

My manager and myself have spent hours and hours on the phone to various people at Telstra trying to get this sorted, but so far we're getting nowhere. After many hours of telling tens of customer support operators our problem over and over again in different areas we’re not getting anywhere.

We did finally get through to someone in unwanted calls that mentioned this week they had spoken to at least two other business customers elsewhere in Australia that are experiencing the exact some issue as we are with the same mobile number diverting to them. A technician has looked into the problem but can't find any fault. About an hour ago someone in unwanted calls spoke to their supervisor and told us they could get calls going to 0490 059 900 blocked from coming to us. Unfourtantely when they tried it wouldn't work because we have a CustomNet number.


We need to get this issue sorted out ASAP as it’s wasting our time having to explain to these callers over and over again that we didn't’ call them. Not to mention the many hours we've spent getting forwarded back and forth between business faults and unwanted calls. Can someone at Telstra that has some authority please send me a private message with their contact details so we can get this problem sorted out?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Unwanted call diversion

Hi there, 


I can only imagine how irritating that would be!!..especially when you have, well, a Business to runSmiley Sad 


I can't really hazard a guess as to the cause of the fault, but I'm happy to play my part in having this escalated for you. 


I'll PM you shortly with a secure link. 


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Re: Unwanted call diversion

Hi Greg,


It seems we've got the issue sorted. We managed to get through to someone yesterday that promised to get the unwanted calls blocked within 24 hours and to our surprise (and joy) it seems to have kicked in this afternoon. We've confirmed this by calling 0490 059 900 and it's apparently hanging up immediatly and not coming through to us anymore.


Still it's frustrating the amount of time we've wasted on the phone to Telstra trying to get this sorted, not to mention explaining to callers over and over again that we haven't in fact called them.

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