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(A) Is (02) 8260 0000 a valid Telstra phone number? (B) Telstra callers asking security questions.



I am hoping I can get useful answers here - I haven't so far, through trying in other ways.


Mainly, I want to find out if phone number (02) 8260 0000 is a legitimate Telstra number. Then, whether Telstra contact centre staff calling customers' phones should be asking the customers security questions.


Responses from Telstra staff will be welcome.


First ...


I'll give some background details for context ONLY! Let's not get sidetracked into them. PLEASE! I've had it with being sidetracked. The main issue, firstly, is the status of the phone number (02) 8260 0000.


So - Background: My wife and I are currently trying to get connected to the NBN through Telstra (god help us!) Long story short, we didn't and we complained to the TIO. The TIO promptly advised us they had sent our complaint to "the area that handles TIO referrals at Telstra Corporation".


Next day, we received a flurry of phone missed phone calls from Telstra and an email apiece. We attempted to phone the Telstra complaints person identified but, as seems the norm, he wasn't available. BUT, (we were assured) would call us back within 24 hours. This (as also seems common) did NOT occur, and we phoned again - 48! hours later. This time, the designated complaints officer appeared to be available but - no - in the end, he wasn't. He'd ring us back, an intermediary assured us energetically. Be assured his supervisor would learn of this ... (etc. etc. etc.)


The main issues:


(A) Is (02) 8260 0000 a valid Telstra phone number?: An hour after the intermediaries promised a call-back, my wife got a phone call from a gent identifying himself as the person who'd been named as our complaints handler. His phone number (on her mobile screen) was that above - (02) 8260 0000. He asked for my wife's date of birth. She, apparently convinced from past interchanges with Telstra it was a genuine number, obliged. I'm paranoid. I back-checked the number.


(1) What has told me nothing?


(i) Online searching gave almost even conflicting verdicts - "Yes, it's genuine!" - "No, it's a scammer!" (See links. The last link below would be hilarious if this weren't so serious an issue! The Telstra respondent states they "Googled" the number. Googled! Was there no other way for a Telstra employee to check the legitimacy of a possible Telstra number?;;;;;


(ii) Phoning 1800 260 270. I recently stumbled (stumbled, Telstra!) upon Phoning the number led to 40 minutes of having to identify myself to a chap in the Philippines (he told me), talking about the state of play with my complaint and Telstra reactions to it. Decent chap and nice to get all the extraneous info, but when I asked - at the end of our marathon - So, could he tell me if (02) 8260 0000 was a legit Telstra number, yes he could - but, ah, his screen was frozen.


(iii) Phoning 132200 (as I've seen recommended online). Haven't done that. See (ii) and guess why.



(2) What has told me something?


............................................................................? (So far).



(B) Telstra callers asking security questions. This is the nub, isn't it? You're trying to contact someone from Telstra. It's not like it's easy. They'll call you back, you're told. They'll call you back because they weren't there when YOU called THEM. You don't want to NOT connect with them. So someone claiming to be them calls, and (possibly correctly, possibly not) they ask YOU - the person answering - for private information to verify you. Correct Telstra procedure? Or ...?


Thanks for anything useful - that is, to the points. I won't be getting side-tracked.



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Re: (A) Is (02) 8260 0000 a valid Telstra phone number? (B) Telstra callers asking security question



It's a genuine number, and It's Telstra to do with NBN. That's from experience, BTW


They ask security questions because they have to make sure it's actually you, and not someone pretending to be you. You know, to protect you and your account?


If you have doubts, (and I can understand in this day and age of scam callers), ask for their extension and name and promise to call them back.  Call the main switchboard.


That way you know it's genuine.



If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
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Re: (A) Is (02) 8260 0000 a valid Telstra phone number? (B) Telstra callers asking security question

Hi Wanglese


Thanks for replying - appreciated that it was to the point.


But, first, let me bless Telstra or whatever wiped out the reply I just failed to post to you. I'll try again.


I note that you have confidence in the number from experience. That's a bit more comfort for me. I also read your pre-edit post, and I gather you'd realised Reverse Australia was divided in its views. That's why I'm hoping (but not betting my house on it) that someone from Telstra will chime in and say "Yes, it's one of ours" or "No it's not". Or, "here's a number that WILL confirm such things" (Clearly 1800 260 270 is not going to be that number).


The Get-Number-Call-Back solution is sensible, except that the gentleman we're trying to connect with seems to have been rather difficult to connect with (despite our being 'TIO-complainees'). The disincentive to using that method is that, even if you call back right away, there's a fear that he'll be on another call. (I imagine that "the area that handles TIO referrals" may be a bit busy at the moment).


All that said, thanks again for replying - very much appreciated.





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Re: (A) Is (02) 8260 0000 a valid Telstra phone number? (B) Telstra callers asking security question



I'm afraid I have to protest about my thread being moved here. I think Deana moved it but can't swear to that.


Other threads about anomalies with Telstra phone numbers are located in the Broadband>Home Broadband board. That's probably because CrowdSupport offers no board for discussion of issues in communicating with Telstra. (I make no further comment about that).


In Broadband>Home Broadband, they get a lot of traffic. My thread has had one reply and 30 views and, as it ages, isn't likely to get many more.


My query is specific to a communication worry associated with the provision of NBN, not introspection about the community or the functioning of the CrowdSupport site. Could I please ask to be moved back to where I started?


Thank you



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