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Again!!! Internet Unusable! Why Do I Continue To Support Telstra?

I admire Telstra ( PMG, Telecom etc)
I'm an Elec Engineer and can fault find most things very quickly ---- so why do I have to suffer the indignity of Telstra ( and many other companies ) asking me to reboot, to look at the little lights, to restart etc etc
Tonight here in 2576 we have yet another useless Internet connection
My modem is synching at 6k and the usual protocol connection results in ADDL2+ with Annex A etc - so I'm at least talking to the Telstra exchange
Speed Test and similar programs are showing 29k or a neck breaking 43k download ---- yes, rebooting and yelling at my state of the art Asus modem/router doesn't help!
The Bottom Line ..... Telstra Service Status shows nothing of interest for my 2576 area
We all know this cannot be true - so moderators of this forum / please go now and hit someone over the head and get them to reboot or fault find your side if this 'service'

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Re: Again!!! Internet Unusable! Why Do I Continue To Support Telstra?

Generally speaking my understanding is that the service status page is updated as faults are reported, if a report is listed as being an area issue rather than an isolated case.

Also, if you tell tech support what you have already done to try and troubleshoot the issue they will usually not make you do it all again... I mean there are some who will but most are pretty good if you tell them upfront what you had already tried.
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Re: Again!!! Internet Unusable! Why Do I Continue To Support Telstra?

I've found out the best bet is to call early  in the morning and get the Indian call centre. The Phillipino centre should be shut down. Total waste of everyone's time, money and effort.


I am beginning to think they get a bonus if they can stop someone from lodging a line fault. I mean really, nationwide outage, flooding rains, modem light on constant red for internet connection (green when working), for days, no dial tone, yet some haughty, woman in the Phillipines keeps insisting that it is working in my area as her "computer says it is", and there is no line fault. She tried to phone my number and couln't get through and still keeps insisting it is working and wants me to get another phone to attach to the wall so she can show me it is working. It is my phone that is the problem, not the phone / ADSL line


If  this was a one off I' d shrug it off, but this nonsense happens EVERY time I get low level tech support in the Phillipines. Same woman each time. Where do they get these "Tech Support" staff? They give the profession a bad name. Their arrogant passive aggression is beyond belief! 


Anyone considering taping their calls there using speakerphone function / Skype if they can use a working connection and sending them to the TIO? If we all did this they may be forced to amend their procedures. Six verified line faults in six months, so none of the often threatened call out fee either on any of the callouts. 


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