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BOM page being redirected to Telstra router http://mymodem.modem/

I am being redirected to the Telstra router each time I click on my bookmark (opens up the router login page) or do a fresh search on the BOM webpage (opens up a new page with access denied - as per screenshot). It even changed the logo on my bookmark and added the Telstra logo!!!???


PLEASE HELP!!! Rebooted machine, cleared out all browser data & history. Still nothing. Very frustrating because everything in the router is LOCKED and I cannot troubleshoot anything myself and no point calling up Telstra because just when you think you got to tech support it gives me 2 options and BOTH hang up on me! Apparently, we are not important enough to Telstra because they are helping "priority customers". 11 months with Telstra and I have had it for life! I will be breaking my contract soon and leaving this dreaded RSP to never return again!


When I click on the webpage it redirects to

And the message in page is:

Access to was denied.

You don't have authorisation to view this page.


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