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Call Centre Versus in store service

It seems that something as simple as changing a plan has become bigger than Ben Hur. Two weeks ago I took up the large bundle offer and the Telstra TV box that was included to be delivered in 3-5 days. However it was further delayed so, I asked if they could deliver to my place of work or could I pick it up from my local Telstra store? All too hard. The answer to my question was not in their script, obviously required thinking outside the box. They couldn’t put me through to anyone in Australia, they couldn’t even call the Telstra shop direct themselves, couldn’t locate my office address even though Star Track deliver here every other day and couldn’t send an email to me discussing what was said. After an hour on the phone got too frustrated and told them to forget it. I called the Telstra shop myself, spoke to a young man who had this whole thing sorted in five minutes, put a Telstra TV box aside for me to collect. From now on If I cannot speak to anyone on the phone in Australia, I’d rather visit the shop.

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Re: Call Centre Versus in store service

Hey ChelseaDame


Sorry for trouble upgrading your plan, this should be a simple process and it's disappointing that this has not been the case. Regarding the Telstra TV,  normally we are not able to set these up for in-store pick up. I am glad that the store was able to organise this for you in the end.


Was this all resolved for you in the end?


- Jesse

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Re: Call Centre Versus in store service

Agree with calling in store 100%


Ive had 2 horrible incidents with these call centres.


The one that stands out was when porting my wife's phone number from a different carrier to Telstra.

The call centre completely stuffed it up.


After two weeks of calling them back and forth, and having lost her number in the process so called porting, we finally found out what went wrong. But in the meanwhile all we wanted now was to get the wife's number back.


They said it got disconnected and as a result no phone number.


Well the wife and I was fuming.


Especially when we found out what had happened.


We ended up going to our local Telstra store who sorted it out in a couple of hours what the call centre couldn't in 2 weeks!!!

The silly woman from Telstra call centre thought we wanted to port OUT from Telstra instead of port in to Telstra.....

How on earth did that happen is a as she wasn't on Telstra in the first place.


Now working on another problem. NBN.


I think ill just go to the Telstra shop like I did the last incident and get it sorted out.


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