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Can we hassle you?



I came to the Telstra website today to log in and do some business and took notice of the "An irresistible SIM-only online offer."


So I clicked and started reading.


Now it might be unusual in 2018 for someone to actually make use of the skills they learnt in primary school i.e. reading, but there I was taking my time to read over the initial page of information when all of a sudden I'm presented with a small popup right over the middle of the page asking me if I needed help.


I felt special.  Someone actually cares enough to take time out of their day to ask me if I need help reading.  I'm not sure how they could actually do that, I mean, it's my brain doing the work so what can they do?  Do they plug into it somehow via my browser?  That would be amazing.  Then I could truly tell them what I thought of such an idiotic feature.


I think in the future I need to print out some A2 sized placards and stand in front of Telstra head office.  When I see someone who looks like they need help entering the business (i.e. anyone who can walk), I'll run over and stand in their path holding up the sign that reads, "Do you need help entering the building?"  I'll be sure to include a "Not now" option in the bottom corner which they can tap and move on.  If they do tap "Not now", I'll hand them a piece of paper that says, "Chat for help" in case they change their mind.  They won't get the option of not taking that piece of paper as I'll glue it on them regardless.


Is it just me or are there any others in this world noticing just how stupid most of society is becoming?


If you're not capable of reading the material supplied then you're pretty much a primary school dropout.  If you're not capable of understanding the material supplied that you have managed to read, then perhaps you should not consider technology as a solution because it's likely you're going to trust the word of some other human that doesn't understand technology and/or the reading material, then discover it wasn't what you thought it was because let's face it, most humans cannot be trusted.


So thank you Telstra for getting in my face even though there's a link at the top of the page that says "Sales: Live Chat" in case I do want to discuss something with someone who likely knows nothing more than the script in front of them.


Most humans are a joke now.  Technology is driving them when the television isn't.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Can we hassle you?

Hi veeblefetzer


Thanks for your Feedback.


- Kath

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