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Deceased customer

I am absolutely dumbfounded.
My Dad contacted Telstra early January to inform the passing of my mother, and to close her account and set up his own minus Foxtel.
After 1.5 hours on the phone, they simply transferred the home bundle only into his name. Then proceeded to send a bill for the entire bundle, including charges for movies although he had already sent the Foxtel box back with all the required details attached!
He gave me full authority and I took over as he could not understand their accent and does not understand entirely what he is being pitched.
Since then, I have now spent a further total of 4.5 hours over 3 phone calls, with 2 promised return phone calls THAT DID NOT HAPPEN to Telstra trying to get this issue sorted.
Albeit, the last 30 mins was due to my Dad paying credit into the wrong account for his last bill.
However thats not before receiving a large bill in the estate of my late mother for more than $500!
For something that should have been sorted out more than a month ago, this has been one absolute nightmare.
I have also been told to call back in 8 business days to attempt to arrange the credits on that bill to be passed onto my Dads account. That no doubt will be another 1.5 hours on the phone with no guarantees it will actually get done!
And while I write this, I am currently on hold to the billing department and have been for 32minutes and counting.
So to put it simply, attempting to clear up a mess which should have been done rather simply in 1 phone call, has cost me an entire business day of time and several headaches.
I have been a long term customer of Telstra but I am fast losing faith.

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Re: Deceased customer

After 2 hours on the phone this time round, it is still not sorted.
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Re: Deceased customer

A nice little trick for everyone. You can hold for billing etc for 20 minutes plus.
Or you can hold for sales for average 3 minutes, and be transferred through very quickly.
After 3 hours on the phone tonight, I may just get this close to sorted
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Deceased customer

Hi Darrier,

I am sorry this has been such a poor experience for you & your Father. It certainly sounds like a frustrating & complicated matter, not what either of you needed I'm sure. 

Were you able to sort it all out on Monday? 


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