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deleted post

why would my latest post on the T-Box thread be deleted ? 

And how can i get it re-instated ? 

Is it normal for Telstra to delete posts  

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: deleted post

Post on the community are monitored and moderated in line with the community guidelines.

The guidelines are able to be found here:

A general version is that it will only be removed if it breaches the guidelines, which includes things like being threatening, using unsuitable language, anything which may breach the law, anything that could result in Telstra being at risk of liability (such as use of slander)... you can express upset at Telstra and the like but all moderation is based on the guidelines and policy detailed in the above link.
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Re: deleted post

Hi @peternt


A private message has been sent regarding the removal of the post.



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Re: deleted post

Its happened to me once too about a year ago a post got deleted and it did'nt breach any of the sites rules.
Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Re: deleted post

Hello Deanna,

I just looked at the private message you sent me,
It is still unclear as to what guideline i have broken and why my post was removed.

Thank you

Peter Neagle

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