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Emails disappeared from sub folder after renaming it

I am using Telstra IMAP on several devices. All are setup using IMAP. I have never had an issue.


This morning I renamed a sub folder whilst using Telstra Webmail on Chrome browser. After renaming it, all of the emails in there (roughly 100), vanished. They are not in trash, junk spam etc Nor can they be found by searching. 


Can ANYONE help please. The Live Chat has been absolutely useless 😞 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Emails disappeared from sub folder after renaming it

Did the folder name change transfer to all of the devices?.


I would be looking at each device, looking for the name of the folder and the missing emails.  The general opinion is that Telstra WebMail reflects what is on the mail server, so if it cannot see the emails then they may no longer exist.

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