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For 3 weeks I've had no Wi-fi, data usage comes and goes, and unhappy with overall service!

Where the hell do I begin!! One of the biggest mistakes I made was walking into the Telstra shop on the 4th of this month! I'm not going into it as it's a long story but the short of it is, Denying me access to a plan so had to take out a loan, which btw, I had no problem getting, to buy a phone from you then telling me to ring a number to explain why they refused me a plan. When I did call he said the bill was paid and wiped, which I knew I'd paid nearly 2 yrs ago. So thinking all is OK after an hour and a half of filling out forms, told me I can get it but have to wait 6 months they did a general check without my permission and left a mark on my credit history which I worked hard to clear and has been cleared with exception of one I had no knowledge of but have since talked to to resolve it but then you came along and had to put your little mark there knowing that they initially declined me but still ran a general check so the only option I have is to go to you in 6 months! Or are you just leaving me hang for six months just to put another mark against my name and knowing that I'd be worried about rejection from another Telco because of ur little input on my credit listing Can't trust you and wouldn't believe anything u say. Since getting this so called prepaid plan of yours 3weeks ago I have had no Wi-fi, usage of my data comes and goes and there has been an outage in Maryborough Qld 4650 for 3 Weeks that I know of, but when I go into outages I'm not even in the pink zone of the outage! I have called many times with no answers as per usual! Nothing on the outage site except it's under investigation! I checked to see if the NBN was getting rolled out here and we'll yeah it is! If this is the problem for the outage say so. If not give me some answers! You have made my life hell and I'm at frigging breaking point!! The only good thing that came out of this is the knowledge of a bill I had no idea I had! Thanks for absolutely nothing Telstra! And I deserve to b compensated!

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Support Team

Re: For 3 weeks I've had no Wi-fi, data usage comes and goes, and unhappy with overall service!

Hello, that's not good to hear at all. I recommend lodging this as a formal complaint via this link https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/General-Services-KB/Lodging-a-complaint-with-Telstra/ta-p/681... where a case manager will be assigned and will be in contact with you directly to discuss a solution further.

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