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garders cut line

update:yea today we are back online.So the 16th of may was the date we were given to have our line re laid but as a nice surprise they arrive at 8 am 3 days ago dug a new trench and laid the new line ,yahoo, however they did not connect it to the house nor the to the box out the front of the house?So on the phone i get again (may i add i am firmly still in polite calm mode )and im told that the date of the 16th is still the date destined to be connected, i politely ask why, as that date was for the line to be laid and it has now been laid?The Telstra man agreed with me and promised it would be done before that day(this was yesterday) and they appeared this morning to connect the line ,(thank you Telstra guy ) now here's the real kicker it was the very same man that laid the line 3 days ago. Questions must be asked here, would it be that he didn't connect the line when he laid it so he could charge another visit,who knows all i care about is wanting Netflix and seeing the Robertsons being lost yet again in space.As i write my story im on hold to see if i can upgrade and so far its been 1 hour and 2 minutes I took a  screen shot of that just in case you want to see proof.  I am still calm and polite as being anything other than that is useless. I am now done with this gardener cut the phone line post but i will wait until the end of my phone call and just  add the complete time on the phone sorting out the billing and upgrading before i go, thanks again for giving me an out let to vent

I may also add the Telstra people I have spoken with and there have been many from many departments have all been very nice and helpful. Ok now connected to the billing department so I can upgrade my package to the unlimited he is now telling me I must pay a one off connection fee of $99  im on hold but when he reappears i must ask him  why he would consider me a new customer (as stated in the information about the unlimited bundle where it states (inc. $99 connection charge for new customers) I am already a Telstra custom for many many years now who I might add runs her account in constant credit,hmm when he comes back i must ask him how they see me:

so it states free foxtel and telstra tv but he said I have to choose one ?? am I reading this wrong? It says Tesltrs TV + Foxtell for 24 months

For a limited time bonus

  • Foxtel Now Starter Pack included for 24 months, plus your first 2 BigPond Movies rentals on us (for new BigPond Movies customers).
  • To redeem, open those apps on your Telstra TV
  • Choose 1 Starter Pack 

So I have asked him and its now a $99 in advance for the first month and not a connection fee as he stated and when then I asked why I had to choose the tv or the foxtell he said that's what it is so I read it out to him he placed me on hold again and has just confirmed that I can have both as it states and im on hold agian now while a credit is placed on my account time so far on the phone is 1 hour 50 minutes and he is now crediting me $90 for the 18 days with out internet and really at the end of the day it was my fault (well the gardeners fault) but it was the constant errors and the time i have spent on the phone over that 18 days that they are crediting me for

and so it is over, total time for this call including the survey is 2 hours on the dot

and with that being said

Thats all folks

so its done it all


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