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On Wednesday 19th August approximately 5pm I lost internet access. I did all the things I knew to do which did not work. I rang and was relayed to a text service because "that's how Telstra can serve me better". I texted at 8.11pm but they were closed. I received a text from Telstra at 8.05am Thursday 20th offering to help. How lovely. That texting went on until 3.05pm when I was asked to check the services, because it took that person or people that long to ask me to do so, which I did and replied with the state of my Modems lights.

It was not until 7.07pm I was texted back by Telstra to say "call 132253 then choose options 5,3,3. but do it tomorrow because department snow closed. Then to make matters worse I was asked to provide feedback on a scale of 1 - 5. Why are minus scores not offered?

I called 132253 the next day and chose the options I was told to but was told by a person that that number did not handle my issue and I would need to be transferred to 132000. Yoo hoo action but wait, I Called that number and was transferred to a text link.

I scanned the barcode on my Telstra modem which offers "help whenever I need it" and a personal help code. I ended up with a phone chat with  a human, on Friday for about oh, 53 minutes, walking through the "turn off' wait a few minutes" turn on" what are the lights doing". Bianca was lovely, polite and respectful. She eventually told me that she would have to refer the matter to 'back house' because they could do more testing than she could, but because it was not about 1pm Friday 21st, if I did not get a call that afternoon I would probably have to wait until Monday because she was not sure if they worked on weekends.

Come Monday and I am pissed.

I now had two incident numbers, was texting with Telstra, having a chat on line with Telstra and not caring if I was overloading the system with the same issue.

It is now 3.54pm Monday 24th August. I have no internet still. I am using my mobile personal hotspot to get important things done, like WORK.

I just want a working service. I don't want special treatment but I bet if I were someone with a name or profile or social media presence I would get it. But because not many people will ever know of my dissatisfaction I have to wait because Telstra don't really care. Not in the true sense of the word.


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