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Anyone else had it up to their eyeballs with the insanely bad service that we are paying a fortune for with Telstra? I've recieved an email today saying I've been incorrectly charged for my mobile service, but no explanation of how or why and then have played the russian roulette game of trying to speak to an actual human being who can help explain why. I hate that Telstra are a necessary evil in terms of coverage... and they arrogantly get away with  pathetic, substandard service and confusing messages/emails/responses. With the insane amount of money they have, I can't understand why they can't employ more actual human beings to be on the phones! The new 'bump you off to a text message' rubbish is the worst example of customer service I have ever experienced. Even having to choose a board for this post was ridiculously challenging to naviagate. I have had enough!

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