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Hardware (iPhone) delay estimate?

Can anyone give me an estimate of how long phone deliveries are delayed for? Weeks? Months? 

I ordered an “in stock” iPhone 11 on a new plan online early last month. I did this on advice of my local Telstra store. Waited a week, never received a dispatch notification. Messaged online support, advised needed to resupply my detaills, drivers license etc. All these fields were mandatory on the order form so I am at a loss to understand where my information disappeared too. After a few more days my order number stopped being tracked - just came up with an error. I’ve messaged support again and they advised my order has been moved to a ‘back order my as are 1 April. What does this even mean? 

This whole process is so completely frustrating. 

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Re: Hardware (iPhone) delay estimate?

Very frustrating, I also ordered something and waited a long time (over a month) to find out that my order was cancelled. Go for another provider, at this point Telstra will not help you. I’ve tried to communicate, a lot of people have if you check out the forums. None of us are getting support and we are wasting our time trying. Good luck, switch providers. 

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