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How to live life the hard way without any effort or a lot harder, by being an Australian Customer?

Please only leave Text messages as my mobile is in a very large BlackSpot and I usually cannot answer, that and Telstra does not care in the slightest. Provided my bills are paid, it's of no importance, whether I'm alive or dead. It doesn't matter if I'm down and struggling even though Telstra has done this to me however many times before and or how much they have left me down and out of pocket, thanks to their having caused it in the first place, or how many times Telstra actually worsens my health, finances or social /business relationships, I'm a disabled, Mid 50's Gay Male with a life threatening illness 50 KM from any nearest township, and have no cabs, ambulances, Police, or friends in a quiet Hamlet, (where I actually live) putting up with a weak Fixed Wireless Network, and if it fails, for a day or weeks, No phones, No Security, No Entertainment, All smart devices from Telstra, Google, Apple, or others no longer work, and that then all my problem and loneliness drastically take their toll. They still want to charge the full bill in exchange for nothing in return. And I have the screen shots and as such have had to resort to keeping recorded proof all to often or they can simply walk all over my entire life with their lack of care and or interest. Worse is they will not lessen the burden that they have created for me but simply rub it in, argue it out and take me for every cent, just like they always have for over a quarter of my life's existence. Simply saying it as it truely is. My smart home has become non functional yet again, no lights, no control, no phone calls with anyone, as there is no service here at all, without service or the same with media and or streaming. ZERO entertainment or contact with medical professionals, family or even distant friends life becomes bitter and expensive. And if on the phone with them, provided at a place of signal, they are happy to wrestle you down and away with an argument whereby I'm wrong, and they are right, and will bill me accordingly, even if it runs out fast. Nothing but cold indiference provided, they get to knock off and go home to all that is working well for themselves. Thanks Telstra, please feel free to bill me for my tears and deep dispare, and don't worry, your attempt at taking my all is always successful. I just wonder how broken, poor and or destroyed you will leave me this time, even though you broke the system from within without my help, and are happy even to say so. You truely are heartless and evil with your fellow humans, but that business these days Right? Is there a poi t to this letter? I guess not, please file this away won't you. Oh don't bother wiping this, as it's copied in many forms a d ready for others to read. All points raised were under advisement, and ope ly both given and opened without fear of result to being shared here and away elsewhere supported byTelstra Representatives own actions and recorded statements -
Hey guys, obviously, Everyone just about is out and about with Mobile in hand, and that's now me, and after spending on a powerful Mobile Booster, hearing from you via my Mobile will be the best way to communicate from now on. CHEERS, and stay Covid Safe OK... COOL!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: How to live life the hard way without any effort or a lot harder, by being an Australian Custome

@Amakangaroo you need to apply for Medical Priority Assist for starters. This flags you in the system so that your service gets priority (as much as it can in the days of NBN) when needs repairs. 


At the very least, it can help reduce the amount of time that you are without a phone service. 


You should also lodge your problem as a formal complaint via


That way, it can be dealt with via a single point of contact, rather than having to deal with a different person each time. 


Unfortunately, on the internet side of things,  there isn't a great deal that can be done as it is dependant on the infrastructure in the area.


You could put your address into the tower locator at and see what infrastructure is around you, as there might be a tower for a different company that gives better reception.  You could then get a cheap Prepaid SIM and test it out. 

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

Set it & forget it

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