How to Use the Search Feature on CrowdSupport

How to Search on CrowdSupport


There are three different search options on CrowdSupport:


(1)    Search CrowdSupport for previous posts

(2)    Search for Knowledge Base articles

(3)    Search for Users


Search for Previous Posts


Have a question but don’t know where to start? Start here, as your question may have already been asked and answered J


To search for posts on a specific topic, select ‘CrowdSupport’ from the dropdown menu and enter your search term. The search will retrieve all relevant posts:


Search 1.JPG


Search 2.png


Search 3.png


Search Knowledge Base Articles


CrowdSupport has a variety of Knowledge Base articles. Members of CrowdSupport collectively write, edit and maintain these articles.  Knowledge Base articles are more informative than forum posts and are a good starting point if you are looking for an in-depth answer.


To search for a Knowledge Base article, select ‘Knowledge Base’ from the dropdown menu and enter your search term:


Search 4.png


Search 5.png


Search for Users


This feature lets you search for other CrowdSupport members. To search for a member, select ‘Users’ from the dropdown menu, and enter the username:


Search 6.png


Search 7.png

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