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I received fraudulent phone call

I want to share my recent experience of a phone scam which happened yesterday (12 March 2019).


My wife received  phone call from our landline. The called claimed "Telstra technical support" and the line was bad. My wife passed it onto me as I handle the "technical" things although I don't know much. Speaking from hindsight, we should have verified the caller's ID at this point.


The caller scared me by telling me that my computer has been hacked and asked me the check Eventviewer (eventvwr) and said there have been so many attacks to my computer (more than 34,000 events).


He then asked me to download AnyDesk and I gave him possibly my Mac (computer) address. The reason is that I saw a Telstra logo. He then tried to download Teamviewer which trigger the alarm because I know that this is to hand over the control of my computer. Fortunately (and unfortunately) the speed of my internet is very slow. So I asked for a phone number to call back so I can think about this. The caller is reluctant for me to call back (more suspicious) and waited for about 20 minutes for the download of Teamviewer.


I was given a very English name (John Fletcher) but the caller has strong Indian accent and an 03 9005 ???? which looks like a Telstra phone number. After this call, I call the 03 number which has been disconnected. I then call the Telstra 13 number and Telstra confirmed that no one from Telstra has called me.


About an hour later, "Alan" called me back and I told him that he's not from Telstra. He asked me who said that and I answered Telstra.


The interesting thing is that I got another call from another person possibly from the same source this morning. I asked if the called can tell me the last 4 digits of my Telstra account number. The line went silence and disconnected.

I want to share this with other Telstra customers and hope no one will be tricked in future. Thank you.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: I received fraudulent phone call

Thanks for sharing this experience. Hopefully this will help others in the community if they receive similar calls. 


If anyone wants to read more about scams, then I recommend checking out our FAQs or the Scamwatch website

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Re: I received fraudulent phone call

Unfortunately, this has been around for many years and unfortunately many people fell for this dirty trick.
These scumbags claim to be from Telstra, Windows, Microsoft and many other reputable companies.

EventViewer is full of records on even healthiest computer in the world... It records all sots of event, good and bad...

Unless you subscribe for security monitoring of your computer, there is no way someone from outside can claim your computer has been hacked (well, yes, if it was really been hacked they can but then they will immediately demand ransom, not offer you fix).

I found that best way of dealing with these is to play silly and claim that you do not have any computers at home... They usually hang up immediately after that. I had one smart one who tried to tell me that I must have phone and that one got hacked too, but that was one of... But, please, do not ever try to "play" with them or be rude to them - you can get victim of online harassment, calls at any times of day etc.

Finally, do not bother reporting that to authorities. Unfortunately they cannot deal with these "little things"...
DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I never did. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing. I have been in the field since 1985.

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