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Upon taking out a new Telstra internet bundle last year, I was disappointed to find TWO accounts were created. As I'd been a Telstra customer previously, they created a new account AND reinstated the old account. This old account had my late husband's contact details and our old address. Apparently the Telstra telesales person also decided I was moving house, therefore, treated my new connection as a moving home scenario, yet assigned the new service to my old address. Genius.


I quickly asked Telstra to rectify this and after a few attempts, they deleted the old account. But not before trying to convince me that the duplicate account wasn't their fault, but that my husband had accidentally instigated this, unaware I was opening it. I pointed out to the telesales person that my husband had been DEAD FOR FIVE YEARS.


Good to know they apparently have broadband on the 'other side'.


Then, without any further correspondence from Telstra regarding the duplicate account THEY cancelled, I start getting harassed by Impact Financial Services. They had the duplicate account number and were demanding I pay the cancellation fee of $211.50.


I contacted Telstra, only to be told they had no knowledge of Impact, no knowledge of the debt and advised not to give out personal information. Still today, I'm being harassed by this company who are threatening legal action. Telstra are impossible to speak to due to the COVID crisis and Impact say they cannot look in to the matter as I won't divulge my personal information.


So the question is, do Telstra actually use Impact Financial Services for debt collection or is this a breach of data?


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I too received a call from Impact FS today claiming the same.

They clearly have details of mine that are correct and I stupidly gave them my DOB before realising that they may be suspicious.

Very much interested in your accounts with them. 


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They started harassing me within a month of taking out a new Telstra account and I immediately assumed it was a scam. Yet they have the correct account number for the duplicate account that was created using old details. If I did have a debt with Telstra, even if it was an administrative error, I would have first expected correspondence from Telstra and if not resolved, they would simply cut my supply. So it's obviously a scam, but they're set up to appear legitimate.


There are reviews here and there on the internet where people have looked up the phone numbers used by Impact. Many describe them as scammers using either old account details or state Impact told them they owed monies to suppliers they've never had accounts with.


According to their website they are 100% Australian owned, have offices in Sydney and New Zealand, also operating under other names. The office in Sydney for instance is listed as being occupied by NV Lawyers. Steven Taleski is the Principal Solicitor there - yet I have no idea if that's an invented name or if he exists.


If you call the Sydney number, it directs to Manilla immediately. When I called, the woman said she was actually in the Sydney office but I called her out about it and she eventually hung up when I asked to be put through to their legal department as I wanted to make a complaint. They persist in saying they can't resolve anything until you give them personal details. Most people won't do that, so they increase the threat over time.


When they call, they use toll numbers to appear to be within Australia, yet it's a call centre in Manilla. The odd thing is, they state they're collecting monies for companies such as Telstra, yet go on to say if you don't pay, they'll pass the debt on to a debt collector. 'They' are supposedly the debt collector - so why are they passing your debt on to another company?


If you got your first call today, you'll get many more and if they have an email address, you'll get emails from operations4@... They are relentless and have been harassing me for around a year. A Any legitimate debt would have progressed by now and been sent by mail. Because they're using old information, they don't have my current address. I told them to send everything by mail, they insist they sent 'one' letter and refuse to send more.


I told them they obviously have information either obtained from a data breach, or that Telstra Manilla call centres have employees who will create fake debts and sell on the information. I've reported them to the Tax office, stating that the ABN gives them credibility, yet they are clearly not an Australian company and should be investigated. I've also reported them to the Australian Consumer Dept (ACCC) and the Cyber Crime Unit. The latter being pretty unhelpful and sent an automated reply to say it's been passed on to Police in my region. I wrote a complaint to Telstra regarding this situation and their security.


Don't give Impact any further details and definitely don't pay them. Contact Telstra and make a complaint and if it continues, go down the same complaint procedures as I have. They need to be stopped as people are giving up their bank details and paying them. It even states on their Facebook page that one woman paid and then said she was told the money had apparently disappeared.


Telstra have confirmed that I have no outstanding debt and that they don't use Impact or have a branch of the company to collect debts called Impact Financial.

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Thankyou. Ill keep in touch.

They stated they would send emails but nothing as yet.

I just hope I haven't given them too much already.

Thanks again.

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