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Is Telstra fault reporting being hacked?

Over the past 2 1/2 months since moving to my new address I've reported a fault on my landline service three times, all fixed fairly quickly & calls diverted to my mobile in the meantime however, each time after reporting a few hours later I had a call from someone claiming to be from Telstra, telling me it was a problem with my computer getting a virus and they would need access to fix it. Is this just coincidence, my number is silent & I'm on the do not call register. I know I'm getting old but I'm not stupid. I asked for their number which on two occasions they gave me, then I rang Telstra to check it out & they confirmed it was a scam. The third time was only last week when my home phone had been out of service for almost a week (construction people had severed the line, not really Telstra's fault) and again I got a call this time a private number at 4.45pm saying the problem was my computer, if it was Telstra I'm sorry, but I just lost it. After a few expletives to the caller then telling them don't call again & get a life I hung up. 

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Re: Is Telstra fault reporting being hacked?

Hey ChelseaDame,


I can see why you would draw that conclusion, if I were on the receiving end I probably would as well. I suspect it's more likely a case of coincidental timing than it is something malicious - the penalties for breaching the Privacy Act are just too stiff to make the risk worthwhile from an individual perspective.


Unfortunately having a silent line and being on the DNCR aren't the barrier they used to be. Technology has advanced to the point where the cost of an autodialler, in terms of creating and operating, are so low as to make the investment worthwhile for scam artists. To get your number it is likely a machine (or piece of software) called every possible number combination in your area code (0000-9999) and then spat out a report of active numbers for the humans to start calling.


Might be worth checking out our Call Guardian series of handsets, they have some internal filters and settings you can use to limit the number of these calls that make it through. I'm a particular fan of the "Announce" feature - callers have to say who they are, which then gets played to you, and you can accept or reject the call as you desire. More information here: and you can buy it online here:

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