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Just got a call from 'Telstra'.

Recevied a text message from Telstra randomly providing my OT verification Code. Was quite confused as I had not taken any action. So I begin investigating and tried to ring the secondary on my account to see if something was being done there. Just before getting through I get a call from 0434202823 of which I proceed to answer. 


He begins by saying asking if im Mr. X. I say yes speaking.


He says this is pertaining a delivery for me from Telstra and he will need my OTP to confirm my identity. Which is weird because if they called me on my mobile and send a message to my mobile. Wouldn't they expect the same person answering to be readin the message. I refuse to provide my OTP as I don't think it's the appropriate way to perform verification. He then said that he could verify me by me providing specific details about my account. I refused but he did reiterate my address..which is strange because technically they shouldn't be doing that anyway. 


I asked why would Telstra contact me with a mobile number and he proceeds with a justification because he is currently working from home due to covid circumstances. I then requested for an email from Telstra providing explanation of discussion before I further engage in the conversation. He then says that he will do so and proceeds to end the conversation. I have not received any email. Upon call back with my number revealed and hidden. I hit the persons voicemail twice:


"Hi this is Shaun, I'm unable to take your call, please leave a message and I'll call you back soon" or something along those lines.


Question is, if this is a scam. Why would he not use a hidden number and instead use a mobile. 


Okay update: 
He called back and forgot who I was. He was very puzzled by the conversation and revealed that he works for a company called "Centinial"(quite difficult to make out what he was saying).


I'm so confused. I have changed my password so far but as far as scamming goes..for someone who went as far as my OTP.. didn't really stage the call very well. Anyway Sean/Shaun is his name and 0434202823  is his number. I've been trying to get in touch with Telstra to verify the call or report a fraudulant call but its been a nightmare trying to get in touch with Telstra. 


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Re: Just got a call from 'Telstra'.

Okay this is a disaster. They planned this from the start.

Telstra has graciously ported my number to them. They have commenced the attack. I'm locked out of telstra and my bank.

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Re: Just got a call from 'Telstra'.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Just got a call from 'Telstra'.

Unfortunately there is no quick contact method with Telstra at the moment.

On 132200, try saying "Stolen Phone" at the prompt. It might get you through.


You could try Livechat, or send a message using the My Telstra app on your mobile (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen). If Codi redirects you, type "Speak to a consultant" and you should be put in the queue chat to a human. You can mark the message as urgent by tapping on the 3 dots in the top right of the message screen.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Just got a call from 'Telstra'.

This was the start of my nightmare. After my sim got jacked. I started losing access to a whole bunch of stuff due to vulnerabilities in MFA via SMS. The Telstra help was appalling. The hackers had a whole lot more access and help than I ever did. The operator that I was speaking with on live chat (only because they wouldn't answer the damn phones) was worse than useless. I was trying to get in touch with them in the morning after receiving a suspicious OTP. The operator told me that Telstra did in fact call me, which they did not and it was the hackers that did. After losing service I told them to immediately disconnect my service. It was a bit of a cry of desperation watching the hackers reset my passwords one by one. My messages went something like this:
HELP. STOP MY LINE PLEASE. I've been compromised. Disconnect my line now!"


To which I got a reply 6 hours later. Saying this exactly:

"Thank you for your patience.

I am sorry for the delay in response, due to high volume with instant messaging, I have received your message now. If I understand correctly, you want to enquire about the spam call or not?"


I will be seeking legal advice on the level of misinformation and incompetence I have faced yesterday. 

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