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Microsoft - please end the relationship with Telstra T-Suite for Office 365

Hi Everyone,


Again, I have to ask the question again... Why can't Australian customers go Microsoft direct for Office 365 like other countries can?


Telstra T-Suite is having provisioning problems today (or at least with the new account i've created). I have around 20 existing T-Suite Office 365 services for my clients. The problems for sigining up a new client today are as follows:


* No Welcome / 1st Time T-Suite Logon Email (therefore can't check progress)

* Order Recieved email came through ok (useless without the 1st time email)

* Still waiting on Telstra T-Suite Provisioning - still saying "in progress"


When T-Suite is working fine, the Microsoft activation typically takes less than 2 minutes. It's been well over an hour, Telstra T-Suite staff say it could take another 2 hours for the provisioning to take place. They also said, if all else fails, we will delete the order and it will have to be placed again - seriously, is this a solution?


I've spoken with T-Suite support twice already, the first support person lied in saying it was a Microsoft issue - the second support person verified and confirmed it was a Telstra issue.


Telstra offer no added benefit for Office 365 (aside from being money collectors for Microsoft). I beg that Microsoft please reconsider it's relationship with Telstra and dump them as the sole Office 365 provider in Australia.



Other T-Suite gripes include:


* No emailing of invoices - you have to manually go in and PDF print your own invoice - time consuming with 20 services. This is antiquated.


* You can no longer mix and match services for older accounts (e.g. add an email only service onto a SBP plan) the SKU's are no longer compatible for doing so. Telstra says you need to create a new T-Suite account and link it with an existing Microsoft Office Identifier - seriously, more administration work for us.


* New Small Business Premium Plan, same price at $13.50, although you don't get MS Access anymore. So getting less for the same price.



P.S. I've made the point in a previous post about the relationship with Telstra and Microsoft for Office 365:

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Re: Microsoft - please end the relationship with Telstra T-Suite for Office 365

Update - "Notification of Delayed Order" - I went into t-suite to check the status:


Note: Telstra T-Suite blaming Microsoft... I don't think so according to the image below!!!


tsuite error.png

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Re: Microsoft - please end the relationship with Telstra T-Suite for Office 365

Latest Update - Provisioning Resolved


So with the 3rd call to Telstra T-Suite Support, I mentioned I recieved a delayed notification in setting up the account. Logged in and provided Telstra T-Suite Error Code details to the support staff.


They were able to resolve the issue and get the service provisioned. 3rd time's a charm? It shouldn't have to be this way.


Now the service is up and running I can get back to getting my client setup with Office 365.


This has cost myself and my clients a massive amount of time along with some money. Doing business with Telstra COSTS your business money, it is not a vauled partnership but force of necessity as Telstra are the only provider of Office 365 in Australia Smiley Sad


This has yet been another disappointing Telstra experience...

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Re: Microsoft - please end the relationship with Telstra T-Suite for Office 365

I am not up with reasons why Telstra is selling this product however Office 365 can be purchased directly though the Microsoft Store. Is there something different about buying it through Telstra?

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