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Mobile phone

I was supplied by Telstra with a lg 4 the Telstra signature phone Would not connect to wifi Would connect via Bluetooth Common problem with this phone check the internet this phone is rubbish.Took the phone to Telstra shop Belconnen and told them that I not not want the hassle and wanted to return said.I was told I could not but to pay out phone then I could have a new phone. But I would have to pay an upgrade. I always thought that you return an item if it does not suit your requirements or is faulty. I needed a working phone so I paid to upgrade to an iphone8. To show you the level of ethics of the staff at Belconnen Telstra shop they told me that I could always sell the LG phone and get some money back this way. After telling them that the phone was faulty their solution was sell it to some poor fool. In all conscience I could not do this. My name is not Telstra. Under TradePratices I am sureI was able to return the crappy phone. As soon as possible I will be ceasing all contracts with Telstra. The phone would of been returned within four days of original purchase. To anyone thinking of dealing with Telstra think again.

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Re: Mobile phone

Hi Merlin123

As far as I know Telstra have what they called an Early Life Failure. Which means if the device is proven faulty within 30 days, then you are eligibile to have it repair or change to a new one.

As far as charges concern, I could not really tell if there is one and if there is don't know how much will it be.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile phone

The phone would have been under warranty, so it should have been sent away for assessment and repaired or replaced if faulty.

Not suiting your requirements is not covered under ACL unless you specify to the retailer exactly what you want to be able to do with it.

Not being fit for purpose is covered. But this sounds like a fault rather than not being fit for purpose.
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