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Node location!

We have a tech connecting our fttn nbn on Monday. Have just spent the last ( no joke ) 2 hours being transferred from Telstra to nbn to try and find out which node I will be connected to. The reason is I then want to step out the distance to find out how long the copper line will be.

After the two hours I was told due to privacy reasons I can't be told !

What a f'n joke!

Can someone supply me with a link to find out what node I will be connected two?

There are several in a roughly 4 km block, so I'm not very confident of a great speed!


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Re: Node location!

NBNCo handle the location of the Nodes, so you would have to get the information from them (which most likely is not going to happen as they only deal with RSPs, they don't deal with the general public).


The best source of information is probably the dial-before-you-dig service at


You should be able to follow the conduits back to the Node that you are connected to. It will take a number of requests as the area is usually fairly small that each request covers.


The longest line length should be in the region of 1100 to 1200m.

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Re: Node location!

Something else to consider is, you'll be connected where you're connected. The line path can't and won't be changed if you step it out to be X distance. It also doesn't change the quality of the line between your property and the node.

Essentially what I'm saying, is you really don't need to know, and even if you did it wouldn't change a thing.
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Re: Node location!

I asked the workers when they were connecting my neigbour and they told me where it is ... but to be quite honest I cannot see any change in the speed from the ADSL .... all it did was where I had 4 phones in my house now I only have one.

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