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Order status

I placed an preorder order online recently when i track with SBS number it says it doesn't exist.
And when i track with 1-1639300622303 number it just says pending still??
The 24/7 chat guy said ill recieve phone on 26th but the order status seems to say its not even processed. Im confused lol.
Has anyone had this happen or know what pending means?

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Re: Order status

Pending does normally mean the order is created but not submitted. However I believe pre-order's themselves are done in a separate system to prevent 'accidental' ordering of the product prior to release

As part of that process they still need to create the order in the normal ordering system (which is the reference you have above) as that order is the one that has your plan details, bolt-ons, etc. You'll probably find that the order status will change not long before you're due to receive the phone to make sure that it is ready to go when you receive it.

In your case i think your best bet would be to contact 13 22 53, option 3 then option 4 (7am-7pm Monday to Friday) and they should be able to confirm that your order has been processed. That should be the team that processes pre-orders it in the separate system
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Re: Order status

Thankyou for explaining that make sense to me now. I will call them in the next few days just to be sure 😊

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