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Phone scammers getting access to phone numbers in Australia

So this page, "https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Broadband-nbn/Active-Scams/ta-p/791114"

outlines many current phone scams perpetrated by what seem to be overseas criminals. Based on the languages spoken when 'real' people talk.

So my question is, ' how is it they can access what are ever changing Australian numbers, and in times, very localised numbers from small country areas, I assume to try to hide their real origin. And more importantly, how is it our own telco's with all the technology behind them, can't track down and block these asses (polite!) from accessing our phone systems.

I and friends around my small country area, are getting sick and tired of hearing 'Nicole' and her threats, or equivalents, sometimes three or four times a day, no matter if you hang up or not.

I can only assume these scammers are getting some success or they wouldn't be doing it, so real fraud is being done and not a thing is being done about it!!

 So how about some answers and explanations why this is allowed to happen?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Phone scammers getting access to phone numbers in Australia

Hi @dougjh


You've done well to be aware & I apologise for any concern caused by the calls received.


I've heard of customers receiving calls from people impersonating representatives from well-known government departments & private companies.


You can find information about whether it's really Telstra calling here


If these calls continue, please complete the form here 


Customers can also find information about different types of scams & what to do here


If you'd ever like us to confirm if a call, sms or email did come from Telstra, you can speak with us securely online here 


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