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Phone spoofing


is any one here faced the problem of phone spoofing. Can any one plz suggest what I can do as I have been getting like hundreds of calls every day saying that they missed the call from my number and returning to my call. If anyone can suggest the solution that will be a great help thanks

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Phone spoofing

Unfortunately time is the only solution. The spammers will move on the use another number after a couple of weeks usually.


You could change the voice greeting on your messagebank explaining that your number has been spoofed and that it is not you calling them. Most people will just accept that and move on.


You can report the problem, but there isn't anything that can be done. The calls can't be traced as the source of the calls is unknown and it would require people who have been called to report the problem to try and track it down.

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Re: Phone spoofing

Thanks for reply I already put the voicemail and msg for that hopefully it will be solved soon thanks again

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Re: Phone spoofing

Not much I can suggest for you to do, it is a very hard thing to stop..  the key is in finding out who is using your number and that is no small task, unless one of those calling you back in error can pass on some sort of name or ID..  


Feel sorry for you, but it is probably going to be too much of a stretch for Telstra to do anything at its present level of support. It might need to be a number change eventually, which could be painful for you.. but at least you can control who gets your new #. 


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