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Receiving txt from Telstra addressed to someone else

Hi all,


I have just received a text message from Telstra to my non-Telstra mobile phone, notifying me that my Telstra Bill is now available.

As I am a NBN customer with Telstra, that wouldn't be odd, however, I usually receive these notifications via email and the text message is addressed to someone with a different name - Margaret- and contains a link.


I usually just delete this text message, as I have received it a few times now in the past, but am starting to worry that someone has used my mobile phone number - if not more personal details- to setup an account with Telstra(for phone, internet or whatever other services, who knows as I am not clicking on the link).


Is there a way to find out with Telstra, who might be using my non-Telstra phone number and have them take it off that person(Who's name is apparently Margaret) or am I just being paranoid?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Receiving txt from Telstra addressed to someone else

They can't tell you who they are, or fix the problem, so you will need to lodge it as a formal complaint to be able to provide the information without getting caught up in the Privacy requirements that the front-end consultants have to follow.


Lodge the complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints

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Re: Receiving txt from Telstra addressed to someone else

It’s best to report it, as per the method suggested by @Jupiter, to give you peace of mind, and also there could be a legitimate Margaret wondering why her notifications are not arriving.

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