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Scam call from telsta???

I received a call from an unlisted or silent number this morning, 2/9/2020. It was a recorded female voice that said, my internet security had been compromised and because of that, my internet data had to be suspended...I was then told, “press 1 to speak to an executive.”

I immediately hung up the phone and tried to call the usual Telstra number, 132200...which simply asked the usual questions and then directed me to the Telstra website.

i have not found any way to clarify if this was a legitimate call from Telstra or a hoax/scam.

I was instantly suspect of the call when it suggested I press one to speak with an ‘executive’, I’ve never heard anyone offer me to speak with an executive.

i am concerned about my security, given I have done more transactions via the internet, than I ever have, during the COVID lockdown situation.

i hate it...and wish I could just go and purchase what I need from a I always have and like to do...supporting our local businesses.


anyway... can anyone tell me if this is a scam my internet connection going to be suspended, or is it compromised...?

i am using my Telstra mobile service to access the internet.


thank you kindly...for any help.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Scam call from telsta???

It's a common scam call and has nothing to do with Telstra and your service will be fine.

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Re: Scam call from telsta???

Thank you.

i thought as soon as they said ‘executive’, which I have never heard before.

i do appreciate your time in replying to my question.

kind regard.

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Re: Scam call from telsta???

I fully understand your concerns. I had a similar experience this week being advised my NBN security has been compromised.  I managed to speak to Telstra and confirmed this was a scam. 

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