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Store enquiries.... examples - Whitfords and Kingsway WA

Has anyone in the history of telephone communications ever been able to ring an actual Telstra store successfully??? I have tried about a dozen times in the last couple weeks with no success.

I was chasing a low stock handset. I would ring the store number and no one would answer or it would directly go to an answering service. 

Have left messages and sat on hold for long periods of time to no avail. 

Whats worse is that have tried to ring stores on my way to them to save time but not been able to get through, only to turn upand see the staff sitting around, not with customers and looking relatively unenergetic. 

Went to the joondalup store and the guy there was quite helpful he looked up stock for me and directed me to another store, instructing me to call ahead to double check stock as it was showing on the computer but may have been allocated. So i tried to call the other store on my way over to whitfords. No one answered and i left a message.

At the Whitfords store I was given the excuse that only one person in the store was allocated to answering the phone but he was busy with a customer for the last 30 mins while i was trying to call. Ok, so I left a message with my contact details with the promise of someone calling me back. No one called me back. Even after I said were you going to call me back, no one called me back. If my call was in the queue for a call back, in theory someone would have called me back that night or following day.

Then I said can someone help me, there was a discussion with the three staff members as to who would assist me because such and such was going on a break and we stood there for another few minutes. There was literally no other customers in the store

I am happy to buy stuff online but was hoping to get it instore as opposed to waiting a few days for it to get delievered. The staff seemed unmotivated and indifferent at Whitfords. It seemed too much or too hard. 

I usually just vote with my feet but in this instance I was inspired, actually compelled, to dust of my keyboard and write this up. 

Why not just let the robot answer the phone and just say, come in to store we do not wish to talk to you over the phone, instead of the charade of someone will get back to you or just ring for ages with no one answering.

I would understand if it was an isolated instance if they were busy etc, no one was in the store when i got there and the shops were dead. 

Ive tried to call kingsway a few times too but no one has ever answered the phone....

What a terrible experience. 


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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Store enquiries.... examples - Whitfords and Kingsway WA

That sounds like an unpleasant experience. You can leave feedback for Telstra.

Kind regards

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Store enquiries.... examples - Whitfords and Kingsway WA

Hey Hieu6066, thank you for bringing your experience to our attention.

We will pass on feedback around these issues in calling stores, and assistance at this outlet. If you were still in need of this handset and unable to get through on the phone, use our store locator here https://tel.st/xdgpys to confirm store email addresses to reach out while we investigate the troubles getting through on the phone.


Please let me know how you go.

- Ryan

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