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Subdivision - Advisory Note 49

Hi guys


I am looking to get some direction on who to contact to get my Advisory Note 49 (Form 1 & 2) completed so I can complete my subdivision.


I have 2 units both with full NBN FTTP connected - I just need the form completed to satisfy the Councils requests to progress my subdivision.


We have already had many many hiccups with regards to telecommunications at my property & I am really hoping to streamline it this time but have already spent over an hour on the phone, many searches of the website, emails & requests for call back to get this moving along - no response as yet.  I did have a chat through the App with an 'expert' but they don't seem to know anything about it either.


Does anyone have some pointer to assist with this?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Subdivision - Advisory Note 49

That should have been handled by NBN Co as part of their provisioning process (it's not a Telstra function in NBN areas).

See End-to-end process | nbn ( for details on the process for getting a new residential subdivision connected (including the planning process).

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