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Telstra Not So Smart Modem

I am sick of the so called smart modem it will connect to some of my devices and some it won't no matter what you do I am over it be going in the bin tomorrow and go back to my old modem the gen 2 is a piece of junk.

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Telstra Not So Smart Modem

Sometimes things just don't work as they should. Maybe I have been lucky, both modems are high end competent Tier 1 Carrier modems - mine hasn't missed a beat since installation last November 2019.   


Is your Gen 2 a DJA0231 or the LH:1000 and what Firmware level is the modem at - current levels are 18.1c-0462-950-RB and 0.10.05r respectively. 


Are your connection issues with Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN  ports? If Wi-Fi, are you seeing two SSIDs - the 2.4Ghz band and the 5Ghz band (same SSID with a _5G suffix) . Which devices are having issues with connectivity? 


Has Telstra remote accessed your modem to diagnose your current problem. 

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