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Telstra Plus reward



I ordered a reward from Telstra Plus on 17 Feb 2021 and received the confirmation email about the order with the order number. I haven't received my order yet so I chatted on the Telstra app. I was advised the delivery was failed. I had asked to return the points in that case and I was advised it would be updated in 24 hours. Now it has been more than 24 hours and I am stuck with the remaining balance without getting my points or the ordered item. How terrible service it is!


Anyone who can sort it out, please reply me asap. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Telstra Plus reward

My experience won't make you happy, but that happened to me twice - both times order was cancelled for unknown reasons and even worse it took weeks to get the points back..  I had to jump up and down a bit and stamp my little feet to get it resolved (I learned the technique from my granddaughter)...  the big issue is the lack of transparency, order and tracking numbers when dealing with Telstra Plus..  but they did get resolved eventually...  Smiley Frustrated

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